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FAQs for DG Beauty House

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Welcome to the DG Beauty House FAQ page, where we address some common queries about our services and salon. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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How do I maintain my nail enhancements?
• When lifting anything, use the pads of your fingers not the tips of your nails.

• Always use cuticle oil to keep cuticles unattached and nails fed.

• Always wear protective gloves when gardening and doing DIY jobs.

• Some suntan lotions or hair perm can dissolve your nail polish.

Where is DG Beauty House located?
DG Beauty House is located in 12 Duke Street, Ipswich, IP3 0BQ.
Does DG Beauty House have parking space?
The DG Beauty House does not have its own parking spaces but there are car park nearby.
Do you accept walk-ins?
Yes, we always welcome both walk-ins and appointment customers. However, to get better management and comprehensive experience, we highly recommend you to book in advance.
What is pedicure?
The pedicure is a treatment for the feet. The treatment includes the cutting and shaping of the toe nails, the removal of excess cuticle growth, the removal of hard skin from the bottom of your feet. It is finished with a gel polish colour of your choice if required.
Do you charge extra fee for callus removal on a pedicure?
We don’t apply any extra fee for callus removal on a pedicure as other nail salons might do.

This is probably the most exciting promotion we offer for a classic pedicure.

Do you charge for nail fix?
In most cases, we do not charge for nail fixes.
What is manicure?
A natural nail treatment includes cutting, shaping the natural nail, the removal of excess cuticle growth, finished with a gel polish colour of your choice if required.
How long does the gel manicure last?
Gel polish manicures typically last about two weeks for most people and up to three or even four weeks.

The durability of gel polish depends on the specific condition and how frequently you use your hands for activities.

Why should I spend time to have my nails professionally manicured?
A beautiful, well-groomed nail is an important part of your overall look. Attractive nails and hands enhance your appearance, whether you spend your days in a kitchen or in a boardroom. The cost is quite affordable, and the results are well worth it.
Should I get artificial nails (acrylics/gels) or not?

The answer depends on your personalities and how appealing to others you want to be.

Artificial nails will beautify your hands and show up your style and personalities.

Coming to DG Beauty House , your nails will be beautifully transformed according to your desired shapes.

What are gel nails? How do they differ from acrylic nails?
Gels and acrylics are similar in that they both can be used to extend the length of the nails and make them stronger. One advantage of gel services is that they are odourless and transparent. Like acrylic, gels can be applied over the natural nail or over artificial nail tips.
How long do artificial nail last?
Artificial nail applications should be maintained every two weeks. It is important to have regular fills because if the gel/acrylic lifts away from the natural nail, moisture and bacteria can accumulate between them. A professional nail technician can spot problem areas best and should provide adequate advise.
Do extensions damage my nails?
Most enhancements involve preparing your natural nail plate, during this procedure we have to etch the surface for the product to stay firmly on the nail without lifting. This process will cause weakness to the nail, but this is never permanent as your nails always grow out.
Can pregnant woman safely use nail polish?
Yes. A lot of women have been polishing their nails for decades with no harmful effects. As a matter of fact, the polishes available today are safer than ever. Don’t be afraid.
What is the nail service warranty?
Our 5 days service warranty will cover you for any problem among the followings with no charge:

If your gel polish is chipped or peeled, we will do a touch-up or re-polish depending on the situation.

If your acrylic nails are chipped, lifted, or broken, we will repair them until you’re satisfied.

What kind of payment does DG Beauty House accept?
We accept Cash, Bank Transfer and Card payments.
When do I book an appointment?
We sometimes have last minute appointments available and you call or text us on 07873480021.

To avoid disappointment we recommend you to book your appointment at least 2-3 weeks in advance.